What Is Hyundai Connected Care?

Here at Allen Hyundai, your Gulfport car dealership, we are proud to offer Hyundai Blue Link® Connected Care to all of our customers. Available as a one-year complimentary trial - enrollment required - on most new Hyundai vehicles, Connected Care is a diverse suite of features that makes driving more fun and a lot easier. Thanks to Connected Care, you will be able to instantly know when you need to schedule a maintenance appointment. This feature will also call first responders right after you get into an accident. You will be able to travel with complete peace of mind with this service. Our team at Allen Hyundai, your Gulfport car dealership, will be happy to explain just what the Hyundai Blue Link® Connected Care can offer you.

Enhanced Safety Features: Features That Instantly Connect You To Help

  • Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance - If or when one of your airbags is deployed, a signal containing information on your vehicle and location immediately is transmitted to the Hyundai response center. An operator then will attempt to establish voice connections with any occupants in the vehicle and forward all information to the appropriate emergency services.

  • SOS Emergency Services - You now have the ability to press an SOS button inside your Hyundai model that instantly sends all of your information - like your current location - to specialized operators who will coordinate how first responders are dispatched in the best way to assist you.

  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance - By just pressing a single button, you can easily contact Roadside Assistance and receive a response right away. All of your information will be sent to a response center, where an operator will ensure you receive efficient and effective help.

Car Care Features: Receive Monthly Vehicle Health Reports And So Much More

  • Maintenance Alerts* - This component will notify you when your Hyundai model is due for an upcoming service appointment and explain what is included in specific maintenance intervals. The notification will come through your MyHyundai.com account, email or SMS text message.

*Delayed availability. Features and Specifications subject to change.

  • Monthly Vehicle Health Report - You can review the current health of your Hyundai model and receive monthly reports of vehicle diagnostics.

  • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification - When you are sent a vehicle trouble code notification, this feature will provide an explanation on what you should do next. This is achieved through a combination of in-vehicle display alerts and guided voice messages. All of the information also will automatically be sent to your preferred dealer to help with the repair process.

  • Vehicle Web Diagnostics - You can see just how healthy your Hyundai model is and details on each of its aspects.

  • Recall Advisor** - In the case of a recall, this feature will provide instant notification of campaigns via email, MyHyundai.com and on the in-vehicle display.

**Delayed availability. Features and Specifications subject to change.

  • Service Link - You can use this feature to contact a Blue Link agent, schedule a service appointment and describe exactly what you need. For non-maintenance service, a recording of your request and a diagnostic snapshot of your vehicle will be directly sent to your preferred dealer so that they will know just what to do when you bring your Hyundai model in. You also can choose to speak to a live operator who is standing by to further help you.

Drive Stress-Free: Enjoy A One-Year Complimentary Trial

  • Though other car companies nowadays offer advanced on-board systems that can automatically connect you to help or let you monitor your vehicle easier, Hyundai is proud to say that it provides all those features and more for one year at no additional charge. You can relax and take advantage of Blue Link® Connected Care, an innovative service that always will have you covered wherever you go after you leave Allen Hyundai, your Gulfport car dealership.

What is Blue Link®?

  • This is Hyundai's revolutionary vehicle communications system that connects you to a whole variety of time-saving information and convenience features. You can access the Blue Link® features through the Blue Link® mobile app on any smart device, online or through your Hyundai model's in-vehicle system. Part of Hyundai Assurance, one year of the Blue Link® Connected Care Package is complimentary on select Hyundai vehicles, and includes a comprehensive safety and car care package for peace of mind. The available Remote package adds a suite of effective remote access and vehicle safeguard features, while the available Guidance package provides Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Destination Search powered by Google™ and a lot more.